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Surface Science Sales Solutions

Ro∑o Scientific

Ro∑o Scientific was founded in early 2016 to offer sales solutions within analytical instrumentation to academic customers and companies catering to academia.

Ro∑o Scientific has extensive experience in surface science instrumentation, making it well suited to recommend suitable suppliers and components to any laboratory or synchrotron system. The focus is on how to equip a system to meet the scientific needs while finding an optimum balance between available funding, available personnel and external requirements such as differentiation towards other research and time limits set by funding agencies.

In academia the need for making sure that funding is well spent has increased. Ro∑o Scientific wants to help researchers to find the most adequate products, meeting scientific needs but also complying with university purchasing rules.

Different purchasing rules internationally, provide challenges for global companies.

Ro∑o Scientific has the experience to guide companies to execute sales complying with purchasing rules, keeping the scientific focus for the end user.

Ro∑o Scientific has an extensive international network connecting to strong research teams, built on 25 years’ experience in the field. Ro∑o Scientific is therefore an excellent partner when supplying research groups with analytical components or systems.

If you want to purchase analytical components for your system or if you want to connect to research groups in need of new equipment please contact Robert Moberg, PhD at Ro∑o Scientific. Either via e-mail: or phone: +4670-325 2345.